Rust stains are one of the most difficult marks to remove from stone paving slabs.  They’re generally caused by metal objects – furniture, firepits, BBQ’s, garden tools, pots and parasol stands are common culprits. Contact with water washes deposits of iron particles onto the pavers which then leave a rust stain.  

Some weed killers also contain ferric sulphate which can cause rust stains and certain acidic cleaners, like brick acid and cement removers, can stain/damage limestone and sandstone pavers; ironically, these same products are often used to remove rust marks and can create an even greater problem.  So, it’s really important to use the correct rust remover. For safe removal of rust – inside as well as outdoors – we recommend ECOPROTEC® Rust Stain Remover.

Part of the Intensive Cleaning Range, the Rust Remover has a non-acidic formulation, so it’s safe to use on all types of polished and unpolished natural stone and artificial stone tiles.   The treatment is used undiluted and removes most stains in just 15 minutes.  After applying, the reaction between the rust stain and the treatment causes it to turn purple, so you can see the product working.   More stubborn stains may need more than one treatment.

How to apply ECOPROTEC Rust Stain Remover: 

  1. Ensure that the surface to be treated is completely free from dust and dirt before application. If necessary, first wash the pavers with ECOPROTEC® Intensive Cleaner diluted 1:10 with water. 
  2. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Do not dilute. Completely cover the rust stain with the product.
  3. Leave to act for 15 minutes. The product colour will change to a deep purple as it reacts with the rust.
  4. Remove the residue and rinse the surface thoroughly with plenty of water and leave to dry. Repeat application until the stain is completely removed. 

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