Porcelain tiles are very durable – and generally far more resistant to stains than a natural surface – but this myth is incorrect. They are not maintenance free. 

A good cleaning regime with a suitable detergent is essential.  It will not only maintain a tile’s aesthetic, but also its slip resistance; this is particularly important in areas like hallways, bathrooms and kitchens, and on paths and patios outdoors. 

If dirt is allowed to accumulate on a textured porcelain surface, or on the face of a polished porcelain tile, it will become slippery and dull.  In textured tiles, dirt often accumulates in the tile’s high/low surfaces and, once congested, the texture is lost along with the tile’s slip resistance. These issues can also be created by using an unsuitable, waxy cleaner, which will leave a residue behind.  Any residue will also create a key onto which dirt will stick and the surface will be more difficult to keep clean. 

Outdoors, tiles should also be maintained correctly.  A blast with a jet wash may seem like the best option but it will only wash dirt off the surface, and over-use can in some cases damage and remove grout.  A specialist treatment will react with ingrained residue and organic matter, ensuring that the tile texture and aesthetic is retained. For periodic cleaning, we recommend ECOPROTEC® General Cleaner. This pH neutral cleaner can be used inside and outside, so it’s especially practical for surfaces installed from home to garden through bi-fold doors.   For a deeper clean – or to strip a floor – we recommend ECOPROTEC® Intensive Cleaner. For advice on protecting porcelain, see our Technical Blog.

For more advice on stone and tile protection and maintenance, please visit https://ecoprotec.co.uk or contact LTP on tel. 01823 666213 and email technical@ecoprotec.co.uk

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